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Living Earth Center brings people of all traditions together to cultivate common ground and seek justice through education, encounter, and community agriculture.

Sharing Common Ground

Like a healthy ecosystem, we believe that everyone has something important and valuable to offer to our local and greater Earth community. We believe in bringing people with different backgrounds and strengths together to share common ground over food, learning and storytelling. We invite you to join us in celebrating nature's abundance and honoring our shared resilience and responsibility in the interconnection of everything. 

News and Updates

While 2024 may technically be the Year of the Dragon, up at the Community Garden on Good Counsel Hill, it feels more like the Year of the Rabbit.

Rabbits seem to have taken over the Community Garden this summer, prompting gardeners to put up fencing around their individual plots to keep the voracious herbivores at bay. From nests of babies (see photo) to the big fellas who seem to be bent on eating all the greens they can get their adorable paws on, this year is rife with rabbits.

"They ate all our beans!" said LEC Program Manager Cora Uiygue...

LEC is honored that our Community Garden is home for the marigolds growing for Mankato's Day of the Dead Celebration in October. On Saturday, June 8th Day of the Dead Committee Members, other community members, and LEC staff and volunteers gathered to bless the seeds, plants, and land.

The ceremony was Indigenous Women-led and rooted in Mesoamerican Indigenous cultural practices. After the ceremony those in attendance planted...

Upcoming Events and Programs

Tuesday, July 23, 2024
8:00 pm10:00 pm
LEC Community Garden
170 Good Counsel Dr
Mankato, MN 56001