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Mission & History

Living Earth Center seeks a sustainable future for all through education, advocacy, and collaboration among all spiritual traditions and diverse cultures.

In honoring our mission, Living Earth Center is rooted within the same values from which it was originally founded as the Center for Earth Spirituality and Rural Ministry (CESRM) in 1996 as sponsored ministry of the School Sisters of Notre Dame.  As a ministry of committed School Sisters and community collaborators from all spiritual traditions, CESRM brought together people who were passionate about ecological solidarity and enhancing right relationships between each other, the local community, and the greater Earth.

Starting first as a small community garden and advocacy group, Living Earth Center has grown to be a large network of gardeners, volunteers, and advocates who are finding common ground and building a resilient community that honors the interconnection of all things and the value that all bring to this Living Earth.


Living Earth Center Values

Living Earth Center cultivates sustainable environmental, social, and organizational solutions that have positive long lasting effects.

Living Earth Center provides opportunities where minds can be opened, ideas can be shared, and growth can take place.

Living Earth Center empowers action and advocacy to bring about systemic change.

Living Earth Center collaborates and cross-pollinates ideas and strategies that help to make a healthy thriving local and Earth community.

Living Earth Center values diversity within eco, social and Earth systems recognizing the interconnectedness of all.

Living Earth Center embraces all spiritual paths and encourages deeper relationships with self, each other, Earth, and the Universe. 

Living Earth Center is a good steward of the Earth and its people.