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Common Ground Series

Join us for a series of fun and educational conversations where we take two seemingly unrelated topics, learn about them from local community experts, and then work together to find the common ground that connects them.

The series is an attempt to not only highlight the cultural richness that exists within the Greater Mankato Area but also delve into the interconnection between seemingly different unrelated circles and communities.  

The Common Ground Series will be held May through September, from 5:30-7:30 on the second Tuesday of the month.  We will begin with events being held online via zoom, but hope as the summer progresses we will be able to move to in-person outdoor meetings held at our Community Garden on Good Counsel Hill.

Sacred Sites:
Indigenous people lived for thousands of years on turtle island what we call North America today. Sacred sites exist all around the Mahkato area and I'll be discussing a few that are within city limits and some that are around the area.

Presented by Megan Schnitker, Executive Director of Mahkato Revitalization Project, Vice President of Mahkato Wačipi, and owner of Lakota Made.


Speechless Films:
Speechless Films celebrate the art of visual storytelling and have been a part of the history of film since the beginning of cinema.  Examples of speechless film from early cinema as well as contemporary will be explored as we consider the aesthetics of visual story telling.

Presented by Professor William Bukowski, MFA, (retired) Art Professor from Bethany Lutheran College and Content judge for the Speechless Film Festival for 7 years.


Beer Brewing
Our attraction to the "delicious rot" in fermented beverages has played a critical role in the formation of civilizations over the course of millennia, but what we know as beer today has a much shorter history. However, even with its short history, modern beer brewing is geographically defined and closely tied to the land.

Presented by Jim Parejko, the brewer at LocAle Brewing Company in Downtown Mankato.  He is a major proponent of understanding the science, history, and art of food and beverage fermentation.


Blowing Glass
When does glass transform from utilitarian object into "art"?  We will follow the artist's creative process and learn how the additions of pattered flame-worked beads and colorwork transform blown glass vessels into lushly patterned sculptural objects.

Presented by April Malphurs, a local sculptor and glass blower.  April’s glass art is whimsical, capturing a zest for life and a playfulness inspired by teaching children. With bold color and pattern, she aims to help others find the same joy she feels when creating.

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