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2023 Earth Conference - Bridging the Divide: Our Collective Role in Reconnecting Relations

Wherever we look in the world we see environmental destruction on a scale we cannot comprehend. Landfills the size of cities, the eradication of entire ecosystems in the name of profit, carbon emissions that continue to rise. The corporations and governments responsible for the scale of this destruction are protected by laws that many of us may not understand or feel capable of changing.
When faced with the global scale of this destruction, it is only natural to feel helpless and disconnected. How can I, just one person, make meaningful change? We are so often focused on the global-level impacts of climate change, that we forget to observe what is happening in our local communities.
In this conference we will hear from people and organizations who are committed to making meaningful change in Minnesota. We will focus on four facets of how climate change divides and impacts our communities: ecological rescources, agricultural practices, social connection, and law and policy.

We will connect participants to the solutions unfolding in their own backyards, inspiring them to action. We are stronger when we work together, we do not have to change the world alone.

Registration will open at the beginning of October. 
Please stay tuned for more information.