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Frequently Asked Questions

We are always happy to answer any questions. If your questions cannot be answered here, please feel free to contact us.

  1. I am interested in gardening at the Living Earth Garden. How do I register for a garden plot?

    Community Garden Plots are available seasonally depending on space. Return gardeners are given the option to return to their plot and opened plots are given on a first come-first serve basis. To register for a garden plot, please visit our Garden Registration Form .

  2. I am not religious can I still garden or come to events?

    Living Earth Center honors all spiritual paths and religious traditions as long as they support peace and justice for all. Any discrimination against any religious or ethnic background is not tolerated at events nor in the Garden.

  3. Where is the best place to park?

    Parking is free at both the Living Earth Garden and the Library and Resource Center. Please refer to our Directions and Parking with specific information about where to park.

  4. How do I live a more sustainable lifestyle?

    We invite you to attend the events and programs we offer that help to educate attendees and empower them to engage and act. Please visit our Event Calendar to see what programs are offered.

    Additionally, feel free to visit our Important Resource Page with great resources for living a more sustainable life.

  5. I would like to attend an event but cannot afford the registration fee, do you offer scholarships?

    Nobody is turned away from events, programming, or the Garden for the inability to pay. Those that are interested in attending events or gardening but do not have the ability to pay the costs associated are invited to contact Living Earth Center directly to get information about scholarship and discount opportunities. For further information, please email or call 507-389-4272.