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Earth Conference History

The idea to hold an Earth Conference grew out of a desire of the SSND Earth Committee (the group within SSND responsible for the push to start CESRM back in 1996) to educate both themselves and the broader community on issues concerning Earth, sustainability, and the spiritual elements connecting those issues.  "If we were to become advocates for a cause, we needed to be educated about those causes," said Sr. Mary Tacheny, one of CESRM's founding co-directors.
The SSND Earth Committee and CESRM joined forces with the Minnesota Earth Sabbath Team, which had been holding annual seminars on our relationship to the land with an emphasis on water for a number of years previous, and out of these groups the first Earth Conference Task Force was formed. 
The Task Force meets once per month year-round planning the conference.
During the closing of the first conference, then CESRM co-director Lisa Coons announced, "We'll see you all next year at the *second* annual Earth Conference!"  She liked to joke, "and we've been hosting these conferences ever since!"

(A special thank you to Sr. Mary Tacheny and Dee Czech for sharing both their memories and documentation from the early days of our Earth Conference.)

Conference Traditions

Though each Earth Conference has its own theme and format, there were a few elements that remained as constants throughout the years when the conference took place in the Conference Room at SSND.

Check-In and Fair Trade Coffee with Homemade Muffins
Each Earth Conference began with a time for participants to check-in, mingle with other participants and enjoy fair-trade coffee with our famous homemade muffins.  Sister Gloria Degele (with help from Sisters Kay and Annette Fernholz) made all the conference muffins from scratch!  They were a delicious treat and once you had one you couldn't wait until next year so you could have them again! 
"Come for the Conference, Stay for the Muffins" was our unofficial slogan.

Opening and Closing Reflections
The spiritual element is what sets our Earth Conference apart, and our opening and closing reflections are the times we take a moment to pause and reflect on our purpose, to take a collective deep breath before we being the day's work and then again before we head out into the world again. These reflections remain an important part of our conference to this day.

Every year the menu varies slightly, but all dishes and desserts are vegetarian. Coffee, tea and water are available throughout the day.

Table Talk/Discussion Time
Though conference formats have varied over the years, the one item that returns year after year is time for table/small discussions, allowing participants to share ideas with their neighbors and the group at large, broadening perspectives and voices that are heard.

Resource Tables
Sometimes with literature related to the conference topic, sometimes with information from the different groups our speakers work with, there have been a variety of different resource tables at our conferences over the years.

Door Prizes
Every Earth Conference ends with the drawing of names and the distributing of door prizes!  The prizes vary from year to year, but often include crafts donated by SSND Sisters, fair trade chocolate, and a book or two related to the conference theme.  "You must be present to win!" is the rule, so no leaving early if you want to score one of these fabulous gifts!