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Community Farm

In partnership with Blue Earth County, the Community Farm is a 2.0 growing space near Mt. Kato along the majestic Red Jacket Trail. One half of the Farm is dedicated to our Produce Donation Program, which engages local volunteers, organizations, and youth to grow produce to be donated to our community partners working with food insecure populations. We take pride in being able to cultivate crops specifically geared toward what their clients need or are asking for. Beyond growing produce, this is a gathering space for individuals and organizations to come together to address aspects of food insecurity, sovereignty, and healthy living. 

Our Community Farm is also home to our Emerging Growers Program and fosters this sense of place while addressing issues of food sovereignty and land access. 90% of participants are recent immigrants and use their plots to grow culturally relevant foods that are not readily available in Southern MN. Our Farm Manager works alongside these growers, developing the relationships and trust needed to make the program a success. Growers’ input drives the direction of this program, from something as small as requesting a specific type of tool or seed to designing strategies for Growers to enter the local food economy.

This project is in the seedling phase, and we would like to invite you to get involved to help it grow:

  • Please fill out our online volunteer form if you are interested in volunteering at the Community Farm or Garden.

  • Check this page for sign up links for current volunteer opportunities.

  • If you cannot volunteer but want to be involved, please consider making a gift in honor of someone or something that you believe should be part of this space's spirit.

  • Please consider making an in-kind donation. We are currently seeking donations for the following: hog panels, t-posts, trellises, a tool shed, picnic tables, rainwater barrels, hoses in good shape, garden stones and blocks, small/medium silage tarps, seeds, and starter plants. Please email us at about items that you would be interested in donating.



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Community Farm Advisory Committee

Laura Marsala Peterson, Living Earth Center Director
SkyAnne Walker, Community Farm Manager
Jim Ackil, Living Earth Community Gardener/Board Member
Bil Carda, Under the Sun Herbs
Abbey Dickhut, Former Community Farm Manager
Sabri Fair, Region 9 Growers Network/LEC Board Member
Nathan Hanel, Southern MN Agricultural Center of Excellence
Geoffrey Nyamue, Emerging Grower
Josh Reinitz, LEC Board Member
Lynn Rozen, Living Earth Center Volunteer
Patti Ruskey, local artist and gardener
Vance Stuehrenberg, Blue Earth County District 2 Commissioner
Jim Vonderharr, Prairie Enthusiasts, Former LEC Board Chair

Andrew Mabeya, Emerging Grower

Ferdinand Mabeya, Emerging Grower

Esther Nyariki, Emerging Grower



2021 Inaugural Farm Advisory Committee