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Living Earth Center is dependent on the generosity of donors who believe in the value that the Center brings to the community. Every gift counts no matter the amount and helps strengthen Living Earth Center’s roots so that we have the ability to grow and flourish.

By donating to the Living Earth Center, you are ensuring that we can continue to maintain garden space for community members to grow healthy organic food and provide fresh produce grown and harvested by volunteers to people within the community who have need. You also are ensuring that Living Earth Center can continue to organize programs that help people find deeper connection within themselves, their communities and the Earth.

Where does my investment go?

There are many reasons to donate to Living Earth Center, in giving, you are actively contributing to the growth and nourishment of the organization in addition to the community that it serves. No matter how great or small your contribution, it has the ability to make a big impact.

Your funds go directly towards:

  • Ensuring that the Living Earth Community Garden stays a healthy vibrant place to grow, learn and connect.
  • Providing dynamic programming and workshops that help minds to expand and person growth to take place.
  • To intentional outreach and support to all members of our local area rich in their diversity and equal in their value to our community.
  • Developing spiritual enrichment opportunities that help people find deeper connection with themselves, each other and the Earth.
  • Continuation of our Children's Peace Garden and Little Sprouts Classes committed to teaching kids about the value of being outside in nature and growing their own, healthy food. 


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