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From the Classroom to the Garden

The seeds started by students participating in the inaugural season of our Seed to Sauce Program have been incubating in the grow room in our basement since April and now are ready to be planted outdoors.

Plants will be grown in plots at both the Community Garden and the Community Farm.  Students from Dakota Meadows Middle School were out at the Garden a few weeks ago planting the seeds that they started.  

Throughout the summer, youth from ISD77, MY Place, YMCA Camps, Loyola Summer Program, and more will be on site at the Gardens and Farm, tending to the plants and learning about organic gardening, the benefits of healthy food choices, and the importance of community growing spaces.  The program will culminate with pizza sauce making parties in the early fall, so students can taste the fruits of their labor.

Stay tuned for continued updates as the growing season progresses!