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"Summer Song" A Poem for Solstice

Living Earth Center's Poet Laureate, Esther Marcella Hoffmann, writes a poem for each Solstice Celebration.  Here is her poem for Summer Solstice 2023, which she performed at our Summer Solstice Celebration in the Community Garden June 21, 2023.




"Summer Song"

In drought, spout 
hits the smell of wet
cedar chips, midsummer. 

Marigold borders won't deter all tiny wings
A mist of rainbow sputter and arid flutter, an Elder speaks of Lithia fairies, 
the pivotal surrender of Oak to Holly king.

And the sun, tasked with our happiness, asks us to rest with strawberry harvest, taste our Labor's sweetness. 

Relax in the nursery of needs,
the infancy of pumpkin leaves,
a delicate diligence to the
innocence lounging among all this green.

Our hope afloat in pails of solar water, 
we reflect, 
as refracted dust 
longing to be close to the epiphany of mystery that calls us closer, 

to remember. 

Slumbering in our bones, 
stretching our limbs 
in a golden hum 
along with insects' summer song.

~ Esther Marcella Hoffmann
   Summer Solstice 2023