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Reverence for This Rest - A Poem for Winter Solstice 2022

It is an annual tradition to have a poetry reading at our Winter Solstice Celebration.  We are grateful to have our Poet Laureate Ester Marcella Hoffmann creating such beauty with words for us again this year.  Here is her Poem for Winter Solstice 2022.

Reverence For This Rest Solstice 2022
by Esther Marcella Hoffmann

Private stillness
vigilante silence
admits winter darkness.

Excavate an inner absence
like a single candle against window.

Reverence for this rest,
growth under snow, this quiet
knowledge keeps
no secrets from those
who sit with it.

Willingness to fill with emptiness,
at hearth of heart
in dimness of chest

glowing unknown
be        long
in this season,
yawning gate
of breath
horizon dawning
but not yet.


Click here to watch Esther Read her poem on YouTube.