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Give to Grow Mankato Campaign May Update

We are a little over a quarter of the way through our 2021 Give to Grow Mankato Campaign!

Living Earth Center has been busier than ever this past month - the Gardens are operating at full capacity, small groups (like the MACV Veterans Garden Group which meets up at the Gardens every Friday at 9am for coffee and gardening) and small classes (5 children attended our Magic of Seeds class last week, up on the Hill, and got to plant seeds in the Kids' Garden) have started meeting in person again!

Our larger classes/workshops are still meeting online - both our Common Ground Series and our How to Survive the Zombie Apocalypse Classes have begun.

Out at the Community Farm things are happening so fast it's hard to keep up!  We've got new signs, a new shed, Six 8 week old chickens moved in, and so so many vegetables have been planted! 

And in the midst of this whirlwind of activity, our community has continued to show its support.  Both physically, by volunteering and attending classes, and financially, by donating to the Give to Grow Mankato Campaign.  We have already raised over $3,000!

That puts us a little off pace to raise $15,000 by August 21st, but we are confident that we will get there! 
We can't do it without your support!  If you have already donated, thank you from the bottom of our heart.  If you would like to donate today to help support Living Earth Center's ongoing commitment to cultivating common ground and feeding our community please follow the link below:

We thank you for your generosity, we are so proud to be part of such a vibrant generous community!