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Volunteers Prep Gardens for Opening

Because of Covid we were unable to hold our traditional Volunteers in the Garden day to prep the Community Garden for the coming growing season.  Traditionally the event was held on a Saturday and everyone would come and work and we would celebrate with a potluck luncheon.  This year the potluck had to be cancelled but work still needed to get done, so volunteers signed up for time slots and came to work in small groups to get the tasks completed.

Throughout last week groups met to distribute compost to all the plots, clean the barn, and prep the children's gardening area, among other jobs.  While we were not able to gather as a whole community, it was a good feeling to be back on the Hill, digging in the dirt with other gardeners (even if it was in smaller groups than usual).

In the photos above: Adam Massmann and Jim Ackil shovel compost into a wheel barrel to distribute to the plots, and Lyric Martensen works to get the MyPlace kid's garden ready for their first class.

A huge thank you to everyone who came out volunteered to help us get ready for garden season - we can't wait to start planting!