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Dust Trust - A Poem

Dust Trust 

Don’t except from the seed.
Let it rest with dust-trust.
Perhaps in blind earth its
knowledge unbinds and weaves,
its sight of sun journey.

Don’t expect from the body.
Live with death-trust,
the beat developed in dark
to make time, for a time,
with a planet that beckoned.

Don’t expect from the poem.
Sit with hush-trust,
bare feet ground on leaves
in the air of an autumn afternoon.
If these words choose you, they will come.

Don’t expect from the garden.
Have husk-trust, like an ear
rowing golden-white teeth with strand.
Breathe in the ivy whiff, the round red harvest,
fleeting, willing, ripeness in your hand.


Esther Marcella Hoffman is a Mankato-based poet and writer.  You can find more of her works on her YouTube page: