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2019 Mankato Area Earth Conference: Women and the Land

Women have an ancient and inherent connection to the land. Over time we have ignored or simply forgotten this sacred bond. Humanity as a whole cannot truly begin to heal this break without confronting and learning from our past. In this conference we will examine how the unique feminine perspective has created deep, natural relationship with our Earth. We will ask from where this deep bond evolved and how we can best work together to continue to foster its future evolution. We will explore how women have been connected to the land in the past, how women are connected in the present, and how women can continue to be connected in the future. We will challenge ourselves to think about our own spiritual connection the land. How are we already honoring this sacred relationship? How can we work to strengthen this connection to better ourselves and the world in which we live?


Join us for a day meeting some amazing women from around the state as they discuss how their connection informs their living with and advocating for the land.


Speakers include:

Megan Schnitker- Executive Director, Mahkato Revitalization Project

Mary Mueller- Land Conservationist

Karen Stettler- Farm Beginnings Program Organizer, Land Stewardship Project

Kathleen Mary Kiemen- Environmental Advocate

Melissa Martensen- Living Earth Center, Board Member

Robin Moore- Managing for Stewardship Organizer, Land Stewardship Project


Conference Schedule:

8:30 Check-In: Enjoy Fair Trade Coffee and Homemade Muffins

9:00 Welcome and Opening Reflection

9:30 “Rooted in Connection” by Megan Schnitker

10:30 Q&A with Megan Schnitker

10:55 Coffee Break

11:15 LAND Talk

11:35 LAND Talk

12:00 Lunch: A Simple, Local, and Sustainable Meal

1:00 Networking/Resource Tables

1:20 LAND Talk

1:40 LAND Talk

2:00 Reflective Walk

2:30 “Growing Forward” by Robin Moore

3:30 Q&A with Robin Moore

3:45 Closing Reflection and Door Prizes



BEFORE Nov 1: $45 ($15 students)

AFTER Nov 1: $55 ($15 students)

AT THE DOOR: $60 ($15 students)

Work Exchange or Scholarships are available before Nov 1st


Registration can be done in the following ways:

Online by clicking HERE

or by mail by sending in the registration form

Please Mail Checks to: Living Earth Center 170 Good Counsel Dr Mankato, MN 56001



Contact: Laura Peterson or Amy Hunt at 507.389.4272